WID Consultants

WID consultants offer support to the WAC Program and serve as liaisons between RC 2001 (Introduction to WAC) faculty and WID programs. WID consultants receive a stipend to be used for teaching and research materials: they serve on panels discussing their writing and teaching and read scholarship on WID concerns, discussing their work with the WAC Program.

Rick Elmore

Rick Elmore is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Appalachian State University. He researches and teaches in 20th century French philosophy, critical theory, ethics, social political philosophy, environmental philosophy, and new realisms. His articles and essays have appeared in Politics & Policy, Symploke, McCarthy Studies Journal, and The Aesthetic Ground of Critical Theory (Rowman and Littlefield) among others. Rick’s work is guided primarily by the question how political, ethical, and environmental systems and institutions situate themselves in relation to violence, that is, to issues of inclusion, exclusion, power, force, law, policing, and normativity.

Darci Gardner

Darci Gardner is an Assistant Professor of French at Appalachian State University, where she teaches French language, literature, culture, and film. She earned a B.A. in Comparative Literature from Vanderbilt and a Ph.D. in French with a minor in Italian from Stanford, where she also taught as a Lecturer prior to joining the faculty of Appalachian. Darci believes that literature promotes the development of cognitive skills that people are less likely to acquire from nonliterary texts or even from lived experience. Her dissertation argued that certain fin-de-siècle writers designed their texts with this outcome in mind. Her research has also examined the the impact of visual culture on habits of reading and interpretation.

Aleksander Lust

Dr. Aleksander Lust is an Assistant Professor of Political Science in the Department of Government and Justice Studies.  He has published his research on Russian and East European politics and international relations in East European Politics and SocietiesInformation PolityPolitical GeographyPost-Communist Economies, and Problems of Post-Communism.  He teaches a variety of courses on comparative politics and international relations, including a writing-intensive course on The Ethics of War.  Coordinator of the Integrative Learning Theme on War and Peace, he believes that interdisciplinary teaching is essential for a strong liberal education.

Jennifer Zwetsloot

Dr. Jennifer Zwetsloot is an assigstant professor and the program director of Health Promotion program in the Department of Health and Exercise Science.  She has a master's degree in Exercise Scicence from California State Univeristy Chico and a PhD in Bioenergetics from East Carolina University. Dr. Zwetsloot, and the Health Promotion faculty, recognize that mastery of different types of professional writing is cricital for students pursuing a career in Public Health.  

2015-2016 WID Consultants

Margot Olsen, Applied Design

Della Marshall, Social Work

Megan Johnson, Library Sciences 

Allison Harl, Rhetoric and Composition 

Kim Becnel, Leadership and Education Studies 

2014-2015 WID Consultants

Emily Daughtridge, Theatre & Dance

Bill Schumann, Appalachian Studies

Brian Smentkowski, Government and Justice Studies

Jeanne Dubino, Global Studies

2013-2014 WID Consultants

Rachel Forrester, Business and Professional Writing

Linda Johanson, Nursing

Joe Klein, Communication Sciences & Disorders

Tony Bly, History


2012-2013 WID Consultants

Dee Parks, Computer Science

Jeff Tiller, Technology and Environmental Design

Rebekah Cummings, Family and Consumer Sciences

Ila Prouty, Art 


2011-2012 WID Consultants

Cameron Lippard, Sociology

Rodney Duke, Philosophy/Religion

Becky Batista, Health, Leisure, Exercise Science

Laura England, Sustainable Development

2010-2011 WID Consultants

Katie Adams, Creative Writing

Leslie Cook, English Education

Tracy Smith, Curriculum and Instruction

Jim Young, Geography

2009-2010 WID Consultants

Gabe Fankhauser, Music 

Susan Perry,  Health, Leisure, Exercise Science 

Sarah Greenwald, Math 

Amy Galloway, Psychology 

Kathy Schroeder, Geography 


2008-2009 WID Consultants

Jammie Price, Sociology

Anna Ward, Theatre and Dance

Ray Williams, Biology

Sheila Phipps, History

Nikki Bennett, Chemistry 

WID Contact Information

If you are interested in being a WID Consultant, please email Director Georgia Rhoades (rhoadesgd@appstate.edu).

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