WAC Consultants

WAC Consultants

  • Dylan Blankley photo

    Dylan Blankley

    Dylan Blankley is a first year Public Administration graduate student at Appalachian State University, and he is excited to be the WAC 2021-2022 Graduate Research Assistant. He graduated from ASU in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a concentration in Pre- Professional Legal studies and a minor in Criminal Justice. He plans to work in the court system or in the legal field in the future. He has interests in law, the connection between the law and writing, government, history, and politics.
  • Miles Britton profile photo

    Miles Britton

    Miles Britton has been teaching Rhetoric and Composition courses at ASU since 2015. He holds a BA in English from Tulane University, an MA in Journalism from Temple University, and an MA in English from ASU. Before moving to Boone to teach, Miles was a journalist, editor, and freelance writer, and his fiction and nonfiction writings have appeared in a variety of publications, including MAGNET magazine, Philadelphia Weekly, Our State, and The Future Embodied anthology.
  • Beth Carroll profile photo

    Beth Carroll

    Beth Carroll is a Professor in University College and director of Writing Across the Curriculum (January 2020-present) and the University Writing Center (2002-present). Previously, she served on the faculty in English and in Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies (2002-2019), and as Graduate Director of the Rhetoric & Composition program (2014-2017). Her research interests include writing program administration, feminist rhetorics, writing pedagogies, and the Grateful Dead. In 2009, she won the UNC Board of Governors Excellence in Teaching Award and, with Georgia Rhoades and Kim Gunter, Carroll led Appalachian’s vertical writing curriculum to win the 2012 CCCC Certificate of Excellence. She currently serves as a National Center for Developmental Education Associate and as treasurer of the Grateful Dead Studies Association.  
  • Julie Karaus profile photo

    Julie Karaus

    Julie Karaus is a Boone native who, in addition to being a WAC consultant, serves as the Assistant Director of the University Writing Center. She received her MA in Higher Education with a concentration in Rhetoric and Composition in 2013 and an undergraduate degree in Anthropology in 2001. In between degrees she spent some time doing archaeology and lived for a stint in Charleston, SC working in the restaurant business and travelling the world.
  • Kelly Terzaken profile photo

    Kelly Terzaken

    Kelly Terzaken is a WAC Consultant and an English Lecturer in the Rhetoric and Composition Program.  She earned her undergraduate degree from UNC-Wilmington and her MA from Appalachian State.  Prior to returning to Boone, she spent nine years with Coastal Carolina Community College serving as an English Instructor and Division Chair. She is happy to be back in the classroom full-time teaching RC 2001: Introduction to Writing Across the Curriculum but also enjoys working with faculty across campus to support student writing. 
  • Sarah Zurhellen profile photo

    Sarah Zurhellen

    Sarah Zurhellen completed her BA, BS, and MA degrees at Appalachian State and her PhD at the University of Missouri. She rejoined the AppState community in 2014 as a faculty member and is now the Assistant Director of the Writing Across the Curriculum Program and a Professional Consultant in the University Writing Center. She studies the impact of digital computing on language and the form of the novel and enjoys teaching, talking, and thinking about writing in all of its forms and functions. She is also the primary WAC consultant for the following departments and colleges: Art, Biology, Chemistry & Fermentation Sciences, Computer Science, Geography & Planning, Geological & Environmental Sciences, Hayes College of Music, Mathematical Sciences, Physics & Astronomy, Theatre & Dance. Contact her at zurhellenss to schedule a consultation or course visit.

Former WAC Consultants

  • Lauren Coldiron profile photo

    Lauren Coldiron

    Lauren Coldiron is currently pursuing a PhD in English from Old Dominion University. Her area of research involves how we integrate digital media into pedagogy, specifically with the outcome of increasing awareness of and advocacy for positive representations of diversity. She serves as coordinating editor for the MediaCommons Field Guide, a digital scholarly network dedicated to fostering discussion about issues concerning English, Communication, and the Humanities.
  • Holli Flanagan profile pic

    Holli Flanagan

    Holli Flanagan is a second-year English graduate student at Appalachian State University, and she is thrilled to be WAC’s 2020-2021 Graduate Research Assistant. She graduated from ASU with a bachelor’s degree in English with a French minor in 2018. She is currently working on a graduate thesis on climate crisis identity in Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy and has plans to pursue a Ph.D. in 20th century literature. Holli has further interests in language, the connection between writing and the writer, and disability studies.
  • Chelsea Hatfield profile photo

    Chelsea Hatfield

    Chelsea Hatfield, WAC's 2019-2020 Graduate Assistant, is a second-year graduate student at Appalachian State University pursuing a Masters in English. Her favorite saying is "Bloom Where You Are Planted." Her favorite book is Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. Her favorite place that she has visited was London (and she can't wait to go back). 
  • Hawkins

    Brendan Hawkins

    Brendan Hawkins is a PhD student in Florida State University’s Rhetoric and Composition program, where he teaches Research, Genre, and Context classes in FSU’s College Composition program. In addition to his range of research interests—including writing across the curriculum, faculty development, and electronic portfolios—he studies the relationships among tacit knowledge, reflection, and composing. Before moving to Florida State, Brendan was a Writing Across the Curriculum faculty consultant and Rhetoric and Composition program adjunct instructor at Appalachian State University. He graduated from Appalachian with an MA in English and a Graduate Certificate in Rhetoric and Composition. 
  • CC Hendricks and Julie Karaus

    Dr. CC Hendricks

    C.C. Hendricks is currently a Doctoral candidate in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric at Syracuse University. Since arriving at SU, she has served as a writing center consultant; an instructor of freshman, sophomore, and professional writing; Assistant Editor for the Studies in Writing and Rhetoric series; and Assistant Director of TA Education in the Department of Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition. Her research interests include feminist rhetorics and historiography, affect in political rhetoric, Writing Across the Curriculum, and Writing Program Administration.
  • Rountree

    Dr. Travis Rountree

    Dr. Travis A. Rountree earned his doctorate in Rhetoric and Composition from University of Louisville in May 2017.  He is currently the director of writing at Indiana University East in Richmond, IN and the treasurer for the Appalachian Studies Association.  His research focuses on place-based learning, public memory studies, and Appalachian Rhetorics.  He owes much of the success of his professional career to the profound professional development of the ASU WAC Program.
  • Hendricks

    Katelyn Stark

    Former Graduate Assistant for AppState's Writing Across the Curriculum Program, Katelyn Stark is currently a PhD Candidate in Rhetoric and Composition. Her dissertation, Writer Development Within and Outside the Composition Classroom: A Study of Concurrent Transfer, investigates the impact composition curricula have on students’ ability to draw upon, use, and repurpose their writing knowledge across multiple contexts. Her forthcoming publications will appear in English Studies OnlineJournal of Business and Technical Communication, and Utah State University Press. Katelyn currently serves as the Assistant Director of FSU’s College Composition Program and is in the process of redesigning FSU’s first-year composition curriculum. In addition to her research and service, Katelyn is an avid teacher. She teaches upper-level writing courses in FSU's Editing, Writing, and Media major, including Writing and Editing in Print and Online (WEPO) and Rhetoric.
  • Dr. Erin Zimmerman

    Dr. Erin Zimmerman, one of the original WAC Consultants, is currently the Director of the Writing Center and the Writing in the Disciplines Program and an assistant professor in the English Department at the American University of Beirut in Beirut, Lebanon. Her experience working with the WAC Program from 2008-2011 has influenced her research and teaching ever since. Both center on Writing Across the Curriculum, Writing in the Disciplines, and composition pedagogy, with a focus on supporting students’ transfer of learning across disciplines and using writing as a method for learning disciplinary course content. In 2016 she completed her PhD in Rhetoric and Professional Communication at Iowa State University where her dissertation examined 1) how researchers in the composition and the biological sciences programs at ISU compose with and read visuals in scholarly documents and 2) how that knowledge is then transmitted to students in composition and biology classes. Awareness of these practices provides understanding of discipline specific communication expectations, which in turn enhances instructors’ guidance of students’ learning in each discipline and abilities to support students’ transfer of learning across these two disciplines. Her recent research projects include a redesign of pedagogical approaches for a graduate-level Writing in the Disciplines course for ESL students, and an examination of group size in collaborative projects for enhancing student learning and managing the teaching loads of multidisciplinary faculty.
  • Mary Neal Meador profile pic

    Mary Neal Meador

    Mary Neal Meador is a graduate of Middlebury College, where she studied French, German, and art history. She has been a production manager for the The New York Observer, a freelance book editor and designer for academic publishers including Oxford UP and Routledge, a production manager at a K-12 textbook publishing studio, and a professional consultant in the University Writing Center here at Appalachian State.