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A-Portfolio Urgent Care Clinic:

Need urgent, emergency help with A-Portfolios? You've fallen off the stack of papers in your office, can't find your pets and/or loved ones, so you've decided to go paperless, yet you're terrified of new technology? Maybe your template is overheating or your assessment needs assessing? Or you can't figure out if it should be A-Portfolio, a-Portfolio, A-portfolio, or a-portfolio? You've watched the videos and you still have questions? 

Well, help is here. Come to the WAC office (253 Anne Belk), also known as the A-Portfolio Urgent Care Clinic, for drop-in help with portfolios. Consult with skilled, highly trained A-Portfolio-ers (A-Portfolians?), Amanda Finn, Brendan Hawkins or Dennis Bohr. We can help with theory and pedagogy, template design, assignment design, assessment of a-portfolios, and/or show you how to create your own e-Portfolio.

2016-2017 Hours: Monday 11-3 and by appointment.

Women's Writing Pilgrimage:


September 27, 2016: Fall Preformance, Parkway Ballroom @ 8 p.m.

Mon., Nov. 14- Georgia Rhoades, “Spirit Flower”

Mon.,Oct. 24- Anne Wright, “Prisons: Out of the Cage”

Tues., Dec. 6- Julie Karaus, “Taste Here Now: Cultivating a Mindful Palate”

Tues., Jan. 31- “Felting”

Tues., Feb. 28- “Jill & Mary Anne”

Tues., Mar. 28- Christine Dave, “Springtime Movement: How to Keep Focused on Steps to Create Intentional Spiritual Progress”

Tues., April 25 “Film Screening”  


WAC’s Writing Cafe Retreat:

Nov. 7, 2016 

Please email Georgia Rhoades or Dennis Bohr to sign up or click the link above for more information.  


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