Women's Writing Pilgrimage

This project, begun in 2010, led by Georgia Rhoades, Mary Anne Maier, Christine Dave, Jill Smith, Anne Wright, and Julie Kraus, is in its eighth year of focused monthly meetings for community women writers. We have explored themes of pilgrimage, healing, and challenge, producing writing for performance and community. Each year, WWP presents its work in a performance of writing, song, and movement, directed by Mary Anne Maier. For information about joining the group, email Julie Karaus at karausje@appstate.edu.

For more information about WWP and this year's workshop calendar, please see the calendar.

Women's Writing Pilgrimage 2019-2020

Women's Writing Pilgrimage 2018-2019

  • Fri, Sept. 28: Sharing at the New River Barn
  • Mon, Oct. 29: Katy Abrams, "The Color of Forgiveness: Purple is a Place to Start"
  • Mon, Nov. 12: Georgia Rhoades, "The Second Psychic Street Market" 
  • Tue, Dec. 11: Julie Karaus, “Harnessing Hysteria: Channeling Rage into a Creative Force”
  • Tue, Jan. 15: Sarah Zurhellen, "Erasure Poetry"
  • Tue, Feb. 12: Jill and Mary Anne
  • Wed, March 13: Anne Wright
  • Wed, April 10: Christine Sita Dave, "I am whole. I am complete."