Writing in the Disciplines

Writing in the Disciplines 

After satisfying the requirements for Composition, students enroll in two writing courses in the disciplines at the junior and capstone levels.  The vertical writing model offers students a writing curriculum in which they are encouraged to transfer knowledge and skills in related writing projects and to reflect on their writing progress.

WID, or junior-level writing courses in General Education, are created by the disciplines (some disciplines may designate multiple courses as satisfying the WID requirement). These proposals are read by the WAC Committee, which recommends to the Gen Ed Council for approval.  WAC also supports the development of proposals: please contact Georgia Rhoades at rhoadesgd if you would like to discuss WID course proposals.  Proposal forms are located on the Gen Ed website

WAC Support for Writing in the Disciplines 

The WAC Program offers individual and program consultations to support writing instruction.  If you would like to discuss possibilities for your course development or support or for your program, please contact Georgia at rhoadesgd.  We can offer workshops designed for program needs, including writing assignment design, handling the paper load, plagiarism, and/or editing concerns, and specific lessons in writing project support.  Please click see this link for workshop themes and materials.  

If you have a conference, family obligation or research appointment that will require you to miss a class that you are scheduled to teach, instead of cancelling class, you are invited to contact the WAC program to schedule a workshop or less.  Our workshops include, but are not limited to: Writing Across Curriculums, Writing in the Disciplines, Writing Strategies, Writing for Change, Writing to Learn, A-Portfolio Writing, Vertical Writing Model Overview, Technical Error, Plagarism, Documentation Style (MLA, APA, and Chicago), etc.  Where possible, the presentation will be tailored to have students consider WAC within the academic discipline at hand. 

Please register by clicking on the image below if you would like a WAC consultant to come to your class.

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WID Consultants

Each year, WAC invites WID faculty to serve as consultants to the program.  WID consultants inform the WAC program about writing in their disciplines and participate in a panel to talk about their own writing and pedagogy.  If you are interested in becoming a WID consultant, please contact Georgia at rhoadesgd.  Please click the following link to see our current and past WID Consultants.  

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For information about the Writing Across the Curriculum Program please contact Director Georgia Rhoades at (828) 262-2075 or e-mail at rhoadesgd@appstate.edu

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