By Fall 2016, all incoming first-year students at Appalachian will have access to A-Portfolio, a move that will enable them to create multiple electronic portfolios for different purposes, both for the classroom and for career and further education.  For faculty, this program offers an opportunity to use the electronic portfolio as a tool to facilitate student learning and to support the assessment of student writing, courses, and programs.  While students will own their A-Portfolios, WAC plans to assess them in longitudinal studies of student writing proficiencies suggested by the Vertical Writing Model. 

WAC consultants are also serving the Composition program and General Education during this transition to A-Portfolios, providing faculty development, student support, and assessment of A-Portfolios. This team is co-led by WAC consultants Sherry Alusow Hart and Dennis Bohr. If you have questions about A-portfolio writing support for Composition or WID courses, please contact Sarah Zurhellen (zurhellenss@appstate.edu). 

  A-Portfolio Urgent Care Clinic  Example A-Portfolios

For more information on the A-Portfolio pilot, and to access more resources for both faculty and students about the A-Portfolio project, please visit aportfolio.appstate.edu or contact Elaine Gray (grayje@appstate.edu).


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