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The Writing Across the Curriculum Program was created by the General Education Task Force to support writing instruction at all levels of education at Appalachian. In Fall 2009, students began a new program of writing courses in the Composition Program and in their major fields.

During your four years at Appalachian State University, you will receive instruction and experience in writing at every level, beginning with an introductory course your freshman year and concluding with a capstone in your major during your senior year. Students report that they find this program prepares them for greater success in their understanding and practices for writing in the major. Strong writing skills have also been identified by future employers as one of the leading factors for hiring and promotion. Please click here to view WAC's Vertical Writing Model flyer for students. 

With the approval of a vertical writing model in the new Gen Ed program as outlined in the Gen Ed Task Force Report, students at Appalachian will be required to take four writing courses in undergraduate education:

RC 1000 introduces students to process writing at the university level, stressing development of voice and authority, rhetorical analysis, research, and critical thinking skills.

RC 2001, originated in the Fall of  2009, introduces students to writing and reading in the university, focusing on rhetorical strategies of writing in different disciplines and building on skills learned in Eng 1000. Please click here to access WAC's RC 2001 Resources page.

Third-year Writing in the Discipline: Designed by the major department, these courses will build on rhetorical strategies students have learned in composition courses and offer opportunities for writing in the major field at entry level.

Capstone: Most capstones will include a writing component at an advanced level in the major and/or a reflective writing based on the capstone experience.

For more information, check out WAC's video about student writing by following the link to the left, entitled "WAC Video: A Guide for Student Writing at ASU." For questions about the Vertical Writing Model, contact director Georgia Rhoades at

For current course listings, please see the Composition Program's website.

For more information on your required writing courses and scheduling, visit Academic Advising

The following video, WAC Presents: A Guide for Student Writing at ASU explains the vertical writing model of General Education for undergraduate students at Appalachian.  Funded by University College, where WAC is housed, and filmed in the summer of 2010 by Justin Reid with direction and production by Dennis J. Bohr and Travis Rountree, the film explains the connections between courses in Composition and Writing in the Disciplines, with original music by Dave Haney and Lisa Baldwin. Please click here for a transcription of the film.


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