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Writing Across Institutions Conference April 13 2018


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WAC's Outreach program has sponsored several projects since its inception in 2009.  Our aim is to foster and support writing at Appalachian but in the larger community.  If you are interested in any events that we host for our community college colleagues, please consider signing up for our Community College Mailing List.  We send out event announcements, website updates, and calls for materials through this list!

We support community college faculty through our 112 Faculty Development, in which we visit community colleges or host workshops designed to help with the transfer or devlopment of 112 classes.  We also host an annual conference, Writing Across Institutions (WAI), for community college faculty to share ideas, network, and learn from experts in the field.  


112 Faculty Development

Since May 2014, Appalachian State's WAC program has offered workshops to more than 50 schools in the NC Community College System. We have also provided workshops for Forsyth Tech, Coastal Carolina Community College, Wilkes Community College, Mitchell Community College, Johnston Community College, and Craven Community College at their campuses. If you're interested in a consultation or workshop on your campus, contact director Georgia Rhoades (rhoadesgd@appstate.edu) and visit our 112 competencies and course materials page on our website. WAC will also offer its 9th Annual Writing Across Institutions Conference in Spring 2017.

Please click here to access our English 112 WAC Workshops for Community Colleges flyer. 

Past Community College Outreach:

On October 21, 2010, Writing across the Curriculum consultants Travis Rountree and Erin Zimmerman led a workshop at Coastal Carolina Community College in Jacksonville, NC. Twelve participants from at least five departments attended the workshop, designed for faculty in the disciplines who were interested in how to offer more effective writing activities in their classrooms and how to encourage writing activities for colleagues. Rountree and Zimmerman explained the structure of the WAC programs at Appalachian State and Caldwell Community College, offered feedback on writing activities of Coastal faculty, and suggested other low stakes writing activities. Because Coastal Community College is beginning this project in an informal way, the consultants talked with them about the types of faculty development workshops ASU faculty participates in and how Coastal WAC faculty could pilot some similar opportunities for their faculty to help gain interest across their campus.
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Rountree and Zimmerman also served as keynote speakers at the Professional Development Day at Craven Community College on October 22, 2010. Rountree and Zimmerman introduced writing across the curriculum to the 80-100 participants, explaining ASU’s WAC program design, defining writing to learn and writing to communicate, and offering examples of low stakes and high stakes writing assignments. They showed the ASU WAC film, “WAC Presents a Guide for Students” and led discussions of how faculty use writing in their classrooms. During a later breakout session, Rountree and Zimmerman spoke about addressing students' writing difficulties such as confidence, grammatical errors, and procrastination. 

Among our early projects were Veterans Writing Program and Writing for the Real World.  Our ongoing projects include WAI, now in its 9th year and the 112 Faculty Development Institutes and campus workshops across NC, Writing for Social Justice, Writing Cafe, and WWP.


Writing Across Institutions Conference

Since 2009, Appalachian State University's Writing Across the Curriculum Program has sponsored an annual Writing Across the Institutions (WAI) conference to support community college faculty by providing them access to best practices in the teaching of writing, scholars from the field, and an opportunity to meet in conversation with other NC community college and Appalachian faculty. Appalachian’s WAC Program was designed to create opportunities for faculty to connect writing program goals and outcomes in order to better serve students, and the WAI conference extends that conversation to community college faculty in order to help strengthen instruction for transfer students.  WAI participants will use the information and relationships gained at this event to better design and implement writing instruction that encourages student success and transfer across institutions.


This year's WAI conference will be held on April 13th, 2018. 

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