Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science: Reading Journal Assignment

Purpose: The reading  journal should do two things. First, it will encourage you to stay on top of the reading assignments. Second, by thinking and writing about the reading material, you should have a much better grasp of the ideas,  concepts, and principles of management in dietetics than you otherwise would.

Audience: You are really writing to and for yourself, but I will look at your entries, and your question section might  be written to me or to yourself. Occasionally, you will share and compare entries with your classmates.

Format: A template is provided for you in the syllabus and you can download the template  from the Web. Diagrams may be neatly  done by hand, but please type other parts of your entry. 

Volume: You will need at least  one page per week. Sometimes the reading assignments for the week are closely related and can be put on one form. Some weeks, however, the  reading topics are different  enough to warrant two forms.

Due  Dates: Journal entries  are due, generally  at the beginning of  the class period, when  “RJ” is  shown  on the  schedule.  

Evaluation: Journal entries  will be five (5)  points each. An entry  displaying obvious lack of thought  (which includes  looking too much like a classmate’s entry) will result in the loss of three (3) points. Journal entries will not be accepted  after the class period ends—they must be turned in when called for in class.  

*Nora  Nyland,  Department  of Nutrition,  Dietetics, and Food  Science, BYU.