Intro to Chemistry: Creative Micro-Theme Assignment

Purpose: To understand the physical states or phases of matter and intermolecular forces (especially hydrogen bonding).  

Point  of View: A water molecule.

Audience: Other water molecules 

Scenario: You are a  single water  molecule among  many in a hot water  heater. All of a sudden,  you are released from the water  heater tank and violently expelled   through the nozzle of a showerhead.   Before you recover, however, you are alone  for a period of time, until you meet a group  of your water molecule friends on the surface of  a bathroom mirror.

Writing  Assignment: On the surface  of the mirror, you  and your friends all  share similar stories. Since you  are the  most scientifically  inclined of the group,  you are assigned to write  a short report, based on sound  fundamental molecular reasoning, explaining  what happened to you all. Your report to  the group should include a discussion of the  forces that kept you all together and then reunited  you. You should also explain why you each found yourselves  alone for a period of time and how you ended up together again  on the surface of the mirror. A couple of good paragraphs should  suffice.

Focusing  Questions: You will need  to formulate these  as a part of the prewriting  analysis. Be sure to point  out the  inner-relationship  between the physical states of matter and  intermolecular forces, giving  special attention to hydrogen bonding.  

*Steve  Wood, Department  of Chemistry and Biochemistry,  BYU.