2015-2016 WAC Special Events Calendar:

August 25—R&C 2001 Workshop, 5pm, 205 Sanford

September 2—R&C 2001 Workshop, 5pm, 253 Anne Belk

September 17—New Faculty Reception, 5pm, 253 Anne Belk

September 19—Women’s Writing Pilgrimage Performance, 8pm, Living Learning Center Grand Hall

October 2—WID A-Portfolio Workshop, 2 pm, 105 Anne Belk

October 30—WAC Film II Premiere—4pm, 105 Anne Belk

November 4—Handling the Paper Load, 4pm, 253 Anne Belk

November 11—Plagiarism & Assignment Design, 5pm, 243 Anne Belk

February 24—New Faculty Reception, 5pm

March 23"Letting Go to Let Grow" with Christine Dave, 7pm, 253 Anne Belk

April 1—WAI Conference for Community Colleges

April 8Writing Cafe Reteat, 1:30-5, Room TBA

April 15Norming Workshop, Sherry Alusow Hart, 2-3:30 pm, Room TBA

May 5A-Portfolio Institute, Room TBA


Ongoing Events:

A-Portfolio Urgent Care Clinic:

    2016 Hours: Monday 10-3; Tuesday/Thursday 10-12

Women's Writing Pilgrimage:

Jan. 13 "Mindful Mask-making" WAC Office Rm 253 Anne Belk Hall, 6-9

Jan. 27 "Shake, Rattle, and Bead" Room 224 I.G. Greer, 6-9

March 23—"Letting Go to Let Grow" with Christine Dave, 7pm, 253 Anne Belk

WAC’s Writing Cafe:

     2015-2016 Hours: Monday 10-4; Tuesday 10-12; Thursday 1-3


Contact Us

For information about the Writing Across the Curriculum Program please contact Director Georgia Rhoades at (828) 262-2075 or e-mail at

Writing Across the Curriculum Program
Appalachian State University
253 Anne Belk Hall
ASU Box 32033
Boone, NC 28608-2033

(828) 262-2075 (office)
(828) 262-2032 (fax)

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