2015-2016 WAC Special Events Calendar:

August 25—R&C 2001 Workshop, 5pm, 205 Sanford

September 2—R&C 2001 Workshop, 5pm, 253 Anne Belk

September 17—New Faculty Reception, 5pm, 253 Anne Belk

September 19—Women’s Writing Pilgrimage Performance, 8pm, Living Learning Center Grand Hall

October 2—WID A-Portfolio Workshop, 2 pm, 105 Anne Belk

October 30—WAC Film II Premiere—4pm, 105 Anne Belk

November 4—Handling the Paper Load, 4pm, 253 Anne Belk

November 11—Plagiarism & Assignment Design, 5pm, 243 Anne Belk

Febuary 16—Handling the Paper Load, 5pm, 253 Anne Belk

April 1—WAI Conference for Community Colleges


Ongoing Events:

Women's Writing Pilgrimage


     2015-2016 Writing Cafe Hours: Monday 2-4; Tuesday 10-12; Thursday 1-3

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For information about the Writing Across the Curriculum Program please contact Director Georgia Rhoades at (828) 262-2075 or e-mail at

Writing Across the Curriculum Program
Appalachian State University
253 Anne Belk Hall
ASU Box 32033
Boone, NC 28608-2033

(828) 262-2075 (office)
(828) 262-2032 (fax)

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