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This project, led by Elizabeth West, Georgia Rhoades, Mary Anne Maier, Christine Dave, Lisa Redman, and Jill Smith, is in its fifth year of focused monthly meetings for community women writers. Each spring, WWP presents its work in a performance of writing, song, and movement, directed by Mary Anne Maier. For information about joining the group, email C.C. Hendricks at hendrickscr@appstate.edu.  We have explored themes of pilgrimage, healing, and kindness, producing writing for performance and community.

For more information about WWP and this year's workshop calendar, please click here.

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The Writing Cafe is designed to allow faculty a place and dedicated time to write on projects they need to make time for.  You can drop in to the WAC office on Mondays 9-10, Tuesdays 4:30-5:30, and Wednesdays 10-11.  We provide tea and coffee and leave you alone. For more information about WAC's Writing Cafe, please click here. 

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Lisa PicLeadership, Community Businesses and Non-Profits:

In 2012, working with the Writing Across the Curriculum Program at Appalachian State University, Planning Consultant Lisa Redman accrued information about writing in the real world from various local, regional, and national businesses by engaging in interviews, emails, and discussions. The purpose of this research was to provide educators and students with insight into the specific kinds of writing that employers look for when hiring new employees. After the results of the survey were analyzed, Redman identified several recurrent themes in the responses. For example, an overarching theme of criticism is that employees do not spend quality time with their writing, and that they tend to use fragmented language or “text speak” when relaying information. We hope this research will illuminate and encourage our students to practice their written and verbal communication.

For more information about the methodology and results of Lisa's research, please click here. 






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For information about the Writing Across the Curriculum Program please contact Director Georgia Rhoades at (828) 262-2075 or e-mail at rhoadesgd@appstate.edu

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