WAC Glossary of Terms

The WAC program holds regular conversations with Writing in the Discipline teachers through its WID consultant program, workshops, class visits, and consultations, both to enrich the English 2001 Intro to WAC course with information about writing in the disciplines and to encourage WID faculty to build on writing experiences students have had in Composition. These conversations help us to build a common vocabulary for writing pedagogy that strengthens the unified writing curriculum and encourages transfer of skills and genre knowledge. Therefore, in order to facilitate conversations about writing and to have a common vocabulary when we talk about writing, we have created the WAC Glossary of Terms.

I. WAC and WID Terms

II. Process Writing Terms

III. Types of Writing/Writing Assignments

IV. Research Terms

V. Rhetorical Terms

VI. Responding to Writing

VII. Resources

VIII. Bibliography


"Thank you for developing a resource we didn't know we needed until we had it."--Terry Zawacki

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