RC APortfolio Survey Spring 2016
 Respondents: 163  Status: Open
 Launched Date: 03/29/2016  Closed Date: 04/08/2016
7. Please tell us how your learning experience with Aportfolio could be improved.
1.Don't use it
2.Include Aportfolio walk throughs on the RC 2001 trip to the librarry
3.Aportfolio is confusing when I'm trying to publish something because it is unclear about who all is going to be able to see what I am posting.
4.It would be beneficial to have a training program for professors using Aportfolio, it can be confusing.
Making it simpler would also be beneficial
5.Just seems like a complicated way to submit assignments.
6.It could be simpler to use.
7.Teacher did not understand the program and students were left at a loss. I don't see what anyone has to gain by making students upload assignments to a useless website created by our univeristy, explicitly for our univeristy, and has no other realistic application. Adding the extra step of Internet uploading is only useful if it's uploaded to something that other people use, and I can't see any logical reason that an employer would prefer aportfolio over any other alternative.
8.I just think it's kind of pointless. I don't think it's a bad experience, maybe it's easier for professors to grade. But all-in-all I don't really see the point and I think it added stress instead of allowing me to focus on my writing.
9.Don't use this program... it sucks
10.Aportfolio should be used on a voluntary basis. As a middle aged adult, I am more than capable of retaining my own documents. My business ventures outside of class do not and will not hang in the balance because of some random online storage system. My time is valuable and I cannot afford to waste any of it on this online program. Please change the curriculum and make Aportfolio optional.
11.Chuck out Aportfolio
12.Aportfolio is very confusing and the tutorials somewhat help. It causes more harm than good when coming to keeping on track with my work. The way to set up an Aportfolio needs to be more clear. In my major I do not expect to use it. It causes more work for me than necessary. If it is going to be required for some classes I think it needs to become more spread out.
13.Aportfolio focuses a lot on writing assignments given in gen. ed. courses. Nobody is ever going to care about the documents uploaded. If you're in a job market or major in which a portfolio of creative works is required, aportfolio will definitely not be the best tool. Most other job markets and majors have linkedin, which is a collection of much more important information. The justification for aportfolio is good. Writing skills and creative thinking are important. The difference between the class with aportfolio and without is that we waste time on aportfolio. If we're doing the assignments and learning about all the rhetoric and "building bridges through writing," then what does documentation do for us? Aportfolio is an unnecessary hassle for most majors, and absolutely useless in the fact that it documents creative writing pieces in courses going towards a liberal arts degree. If the interface were more intuitive and easy to use, then it would be fine to have as a requirement, but right now it feels like we are being used as beta testers for a bad knockoff of linkedin and pretty much any portfolio site or software. These things existed before aportfolio. Putting App. State's name on things that are badly functional does not help anyone's cause.
14.Being allowed to include more personalized writing, rather than exactly what is prompted in class
15.Discontinue it, it only distracted from the class as a whole. We spent more time on it than we did on our writing.
16.can't be bruh.
17.more clarity in how to operate it
18.Better explain the purpose of why it is being used.
19.The Aportfolio experience was very easy to understand and was easy to use
20.I don't know what could be improved but right now I don't think it adds anything to my learning experience.
21.Better user interface
22.Site is very limited, unintuitive, and ineffective. Did not allow me to adequately present my work in my chosen media. Waste of time and resources, forcing all portfolios into this context is a terrible idea that should not be kept in the RC curriculum.
23.Please dont think I simply hit strongly disagree for the sake of it, I read through these questions and answered truthfully. Honestly, I think this is one of the most pointless endevours to integrate technology I've ever seen, it was frustraiting, incomprehensable, and downright unneccesary. I refused to use it in class, opting to create a hard cover portfolio instead which I think is a much more important skill... you Need to cese and decist with this nonsense, there is no practicality in forcing more impossible online assignments to the already digitally overloaded students... I could say more but I'm furious and liable to say something ill regret later... so just STOP
24.I think the set up of it should be easier and the look of it be cleaner. It doesn't look professional in my opinion and I wouldn't use it for grad school applications.
25.I feel like the teachers and school do a great job of explaining how to use the Aportfolio. The error I find most friends having is understanding why they need to use it. Most view it as "just one more thing" they have to do to get a good grade. Teachers should really explain the value and importance of having an aportfolio.
26.Not using it. It is too confusing for students to understand and navigate.
27.I really don't learn anything using Aportfolio other than some computer skills. I learn how to use the program but I see no improvement in my writing skills.
28.Takes away my focus on writing and becomes a focus on formatting
29.Just delete Aportfolio and let students use regular easier websites for their schoolwork like tumblr, weebly, etc. Aportfolio sucks.
30.I would like to know why Aportfolio is important to me as a student, if I need to use it, should I use it, and how to use the programming side of Aportfolio to further customize my experience?
31.I think the reason why a lot of people dislike this tool is because it is much easier to print out a copy of our papers and turn them in by hand. I don't think I will use this in the future.
32.More customization options, everything is kind of basic and dated, which seems weird if it is just in beta testing.
33.It could be made easier to use and upload and change things.
34.My Professor could have done way better with explaining it, the importance of it, the assignments that should be included, and how to add our powerpoint presentations
35.It should be required of all english classes throughout the general education program, because I did not use it until RC 2001 and was somewhat blindsided by it while I felt like most of my other classmates had experience with it. If it's going to be an option, it should be universally used so that all students are on the same page and have the same advantages as each other.
36.Aportfolio is difficult to use and I do not feel that it enhances my learning experience.
37.knowing what school resources beside class assist with Aportfolio.
38.Besides being a place to collectively put your writing work online, this site serves little purpose for me. For a lot of majors, having a writing portfolio to this extreme is not necessary. I think it wasted valuable in class time that we could have used to better our actual writing skills
39.I wished coding would have been simpler. I can use a good bit of html and wanted to use that to further the customization of mine but couldn't figure out how to.
40.The current APortfolio software is no where near user friendly. I spent lots of time just trying to figure out how to edit most of the page after I had watched the tutorial videos. Make it more use friendly on both Macs and PC's.
41.More instruction
42.Make it easier to format and create different layouts and themes
43.The software could be a little more user friendly
44.Get rid of it and write a résumé
45.Not offer it. As a business major, I thought Aportofolio was a waste of time because there's this website called LinkedIn that connects the material you share to a wider, more professional range of audiences. Additionally if you didn't want the information shared on this large of a spectrum, Word Press could be used.
46.I don't find it very aesthetically pleasing, but I also suppose that could in some ways detract from the portfolio.
47.The overall user experience is convoluted and outdated. An up to date system or blogging website of our choice would be more beneficial.
48.Better instructions on how to use Aportfolio.
49.My teacher is not very tech savvy. If someone who could more easily navigate it showed me how it worked then maybe I would be having a different experience.
50.Once I learned to just insert a PDF, then the formatting no longer became a problem. Before then, the formatting was extremely frustrating and I found myself taking too much time on that. So, just emphasize the use of inserting the PDF in the early stages to avoid that frustration. Otherwise, I enjoyed the organization and don't have a problem using it again!
51.Make it easier to navigate because I often find myself lost on where I am and how to submit certain items.
52.not user friendly at all
53.It needs to be organized better. Could be designed so it is a lot easier to use. To much going on with all the features, it would be easier if it was just basic and plain.
54.I think that you could find some type of IT people to make the navigation and ways to edit thingsWAY more easier and user friendly, especially the teachers who have to deal with this who aren't as up to par with electronics as students, it puts them in an awkward position they do not deserve to be in. also i think that when teachers focus on the aportfolio more then the class it becomes a problem, some teachers could care less about my actual writing but want to make sure its upload on the portfolio. but i think for some students who may not have the opportunity for building a nice resume but want to do well in school fixing up the a portfolio to show people, in interviews and what not will help them
55.I think that Aportfolio is very good and that we do not need to change anything.
56.To be honest, I don't see how the Portfolio is helpful to my education. It only made more work for the papers that I had already made. Would be better to just not use it.
57.My learning experience with Portfolio doesn't really need improvement.
58.The site could be more user friendly for people with little experience in technology.
59.I feel like I was not educated enough on how to use the program. There were tons of videos on general things the program does, but nothing about how to fix specific problems, such as formatting and the like. I feel that the program could benefit from the instructors requiring us to use it actually being educated and fluent in knowledge about the program.
60.I don't see a point to using Aportfolio so I am unsure as to how you could improve it.
61.The buttons on the modules could be better as well as instructions to tedious elements of making the portfolio.
62.Make sure the professor is knowledgable with Aportfolio. I know it was new to mine, but that is where most of my frustration with it came from.
63.More time in class to go over how to use Aportfolio.
64.I would like the ability to add slideshows onto the program. The templates are very useful.
65.Sorry, no comments.
66.I think clearer instructions on how to set up your own A-portfolio would be useful.
67.I think that I could have used some more guiding on how to even create a portfolio and how it is submitted.
68.First thing first, allow microsoft word documents to be easier to upload. It took me forever to learn how to change it into a PDF.
69.I think we shouldn't use it at all.
70.I would like if it didn't change the formatting of essays when I paste them into the text box and post them.
72.How to work the various components of the portfolio could be explained a little clearer as well as the "options" page.
73.Eliminating the A-portfolio systen would be beneficial to all involved.
74.The program needs to be updated, and made easy, and more applicable to students majors. If you could make a program where it divides into the different programs here at the school, and lets say if your a criminal justice major, you would only use the CJ part of the program. All in all, portfolio needs to be updated or replaced.
75.Its not a horrible application but some things that should be simple arent as straight-forwards as they should be. I feel indifferent towards the application, its helpful but nothing about it got me excited or made me learn anything.
76.I think it is a very confusing platform that needs to be remastered in a simpler way I believe paper portfolios or a way that would organize like a paper portfolio could be more successful
77.A workshop on how to use the Aportfolio before we even begin to use it. The youtube videos were too long/slow on the process of how to use the Aportfolio. I understand the value of Aportfolio, but I do not really like the layout. I will most likely not use it again.
78.Get rid of it entirely it is noting but a giant headache!
79.everything is easily understandable.
80.Dunno, it's pretty good already.
81.If the teacher was able to thoroughly explain what he wanted us to do with aportfoli O and give us good instructions
82.I have never used Aportfolio
83.The Aportfolio was helpful in my learning experience.
84.It was explained very well actually