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Writing Across the Curriculum, Director Georgia Rhoades was Director of Composition in the English Department at ASU for ten years. Her doctorate in Rhetoric and Composition is from the University of Louisville, and her research interests include issues of non-tenure track working conditions and professional development, embodied rhetoric, and Irish Women's Literature. She is a founding member of Black Sheep Theatre and has performed her plays in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, and the U.S. rhoadesgd@appstate.edu   


Dennis Bohr taught high school English for 14 years before moving to Boone in 1993.  He taught composition, Theatre Appreciation, Speech, and British and American Literature at Caldwell Community College before becoming full time at Appalachian State.  He now teaches composition and Introduction to Writing Across the Curriculum and works in the University Writing Center. Dennis was awarded the Sustainable Arts Grant Award from the ASU Sustainability Council in May 2013. Please click here to read more about the grant. He is a founding member of Black Sheep Theatre, a theatre troupe dedicated to writing and performing original work. His plays have seen numerous productions in North Carolina and Kentucky as well as overseas in England and Ireland. bohrdj@appstate.edu


Amanda Elledge Finn earned her B.A. at North Carolina State University with a double major in History and English in 2004.  She received an M.A. from New York University in Humanities and Social Thought with a concentration in Gender Politics and a focus in Irish History in 2011.  Most recently, Amanda received an M.A in English from Appalachian State University in 2014 where she immediately accepted a position in the Rhetoric and Composition program teaching Expository Writing and Introduction to Writing Across the Curriculum. Wanting to become more involved in WAC, Amanda jumped at the opportunity to become a WACO, feeding her interest in interdisciplinary studies and visual rhetoric.  Her other interests include early modern women’s writing, rhetorical object theory, and digital media.  Amanda has received an ACT Faculty Fellowship for the 2014-2015 academic year. finnae@appstate.edu

Justin Weltz is the 2016-2017 WAC program research assistant.  In 2011, he recieved a BS degree from Appalachian State University which he used to teach all levels of high school English for three years before coming back to Appalachian to get a MA in English. Along with the MA, he will receive certificates in Rhetoric and Composition and Gender and Women's Studies. His current interests include using Multimodality and Thematic courses to increase transfer of student writing knowledge.


Sherry Alusow Hart has been teaching composition for over 26 years.  She received her B.A. and M.A. from East Tennessee State University and Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Maryland, College Park.  She has been at ASU since 2003.  In addition to being a WAC Consultant since 2008 specializing in assessment, she was a co-investigator for the Information Literacy Assessment in Fall 2009 and is providing assessment support for several other programs connected with writing. She also teaches British Literature for the English Department, has served as secretary for the Tennessee Philological Association for the past four years, and has been a Faculty Consultant for the ETS/College Board English Literature Exam since 1996. hartsa@appstate.edu


Julie Karaus is a Boone native who received her undergraduate degree from Appalachian in Anthropology in 2001. She spent some time doing archaeology and lived for a stint in Charleston, SC working in the restaurant business and travelling the world. In 2013, she received her MA in Higher Education with a concentration in English and History, also receiving the Rhetoric and Composition graduate certificate. Julie taught English at Wilkes Community College and currently teaches in the Rhetoric and Composition program here at ASU. Julie also currently works as a professional consultant in the University Writing Center. Her interests include foodways research, inclusive pedagogies, masculinity studies, writing center research, and issues of student transfer. karausje@appstate.edu


Brendan Hawkins received his BA in English from Milligan College on the western side of the Appalachians before moving east to study at Appalachian State University. He recently received his MA in English with a focus in Rhetoric and Composition from Appalachian State. On campus, Brendan has taught with the Student Support Services and Upward Bound college programs; and, in addition, he currently works in the Rhetoric and Composition Program. His research interests include WAC theory, multimodal composition, and ecofeminist studies. hawkinsb@appstate.edu

WAC Consultant Accomplishments

Sherry Alusow Hart, who is our director of assessment in WAC,  won the 2012 NTT Faculty Award for Excellence in General Education Teaching. Please click here for the link to the article. We are very proud of Sherry for this recognition as well as for her excellent work in WAC and English.

dennis award

Dennis Bohr was awarded the Sustainable Arts Grant Award from the ASU Sustainability Council in May 2013. His play “Brown: Jesus from Another Planet” speaks to issues of sustainability and environmental awareness. It was  performed at Appalachian by Bohr’s company, Black Sheep Theatre, during the Spring 2014 semester.  Please click here to read more about the grant.


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Former WAC Consultants

Our former WAC consultants have moved on to running WAC programs and to pursuing PhDs in Rhetoric and Composition.

city lights

Kelly Terzaken is the Division Chair of English at Coastal Carolina in Jacksonville, NC.

Erin Zimmerman has recieved a Rhetoric & Composition PhD from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa and is now teaching at American University in Beirut, Lebanon. 

Travis Rountree has recieved a Rhetoric & Composition PhD at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky. Travis also received the 2012 ASU University College Excellence in Community Engagement Award.  

C.C. Hendricks is pursuing a Rhetoric and Composition PhD at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. 

Katelyn Stark is pursuing a Rhetoric and Composition PhD at the Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. She was awarded the Bryan Hall Award for Excellence in Teaching College Composition in her first year at FSU. 

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