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In 2012, Working with the Writing Across the Curriculum program at Appalachian State University, Planning Consultant Lisa Redman surveyed ten local, regional, and national business owners about the function and importance of writing in their profession. These were her questions:

  • What kinds of writing do you and your employees do in your business?

  • What writing skills are lacking in the emerging workforce that need special attention?

  • What writing issues need to be addressed in your employee base?

  • What advice can you give to community college teachers on what writing topics need to be taught?

Almost every business surveyed responded, suggesting that writing overall is a very important form of communication in their business. The results of this survey help instructors and students identify and practice certain aspects of writing that are important beyond the classroom. These aspects were identified as clear, specific and polite language, complete and correctly formatted sentences, and attention to detail, such as grammar. Other aspects more important to verbal communication include respecting the client, problem solving, and using appropriate language instead of slang terms.  

Click here to view the business owners' responses to Lisa's questions.

At the 2013 Writing Across Institutions conference, Lisa Redman provided information about a panel she conducted for WAC with business and professional leaders about writing in the workplace.  Click here to view the results of her research.

To learn more about Lisa's research on Writing in the Real World, please visit http://writingbeyondtheclassroom.wordpress.com/, a website created by Victoria Lozano.

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