Frank Farmer Workshop

Is There An App for That? or Installing the New Updates for Rhetoric 2.0Frank Farmer Pic

Dr. Frank Farmer
Associate Professor of English, Univerisity of Kansas
Monday, April 11, 2011-Price Lake Room, 4-6 p.m.

Rhetoric is sometimes the forgotten term in our everyday use of visual rhetoric. This is because we are, to some degree, still susceptible to the "gee whiz" factor in how we respond to new technologies, most of which lend themselves far more to the visual than the rhetorical. It is likewise the case that visual rhetoric has probably received much more theoretical consideration than pedagogical attention, often leaving teachers with not many new ideas and resources for addressing rhetoric in ways that are genuinely appropriate for our times.

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This workshop will be aimed at putting the rhetoric back in visual rhetoric, at developing pedagogical strategies for teaching visual rhetoric in an environment of new technologies. We will revisit some of the traditional concerns of rhetoric—audience, delivery, ethos, figures of speech, and rhetorical purpose—in order to see how these venerable concepts are altered, in interesting and creative ways, when inflected through visual media.


Unit I: The Photographic Narrative

Unit II: The Analysis Paper

Unit III: The Public Service Announcement and Reflection Essay

Unit IV: The Revision Paper


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