Food Politics in the Writing Classroom Workshop with Dr. Eileen Schell

Engaging Food Politics in the Writing Classroom with Dr. Eileen SchellPicture of Eileen Schell

Through her scholarship and teaching, Dr. Schell has developed a set of assignments and strategies for helping students research, write, and develop a critical literacy about carried aspects of agriculture and the food system. In this workshop, Dr. Schell will ask participants to consider their own questions about food and farming and then move outward to discussing potential approaches toward developing a course, set of writing assignments, or even just a daily classroom activity that takes up some aspect of food and farming. Dr. Schell will also share materials and readings she has developed and student projects that have resulted from these writing courses. 

Dr. Schell has also provided readings for this workshop in .pdf format with the following note:

Dear ASU Workshop Participants,

I look forward to working with you on Friday! I'm sending on some readings that will help shape our conversation. If you can get to them, please do so, but if you are too busy or can only skim them, that's fine, too. I will cover some of the concepts in the readings as I work with you toward strategies for engaging students in a discussion of food themed writing classes that take into account different approaches, modalities,  and writing assignments.

Best, Eileen E. Schell

Schell, Eileen E. "Think Global, Eat Local: Teaching Alternative Agrarian Literacy in a Globalized Age. Teaching Writing in Globalization: Remapping Disciplinary Work. Ed. Daphne Desser and Dain Payne. Rowman and Littlefield, 2011. (Original Manuscript)

Guthman, Julie."If They Only Knew: Colorblindness and Universalism in California Alternative Food Institutions." The Professional Geographer 60.3 (2008): 387-97, 2008.

Annas, Pamela, Sarah Chinn, and Susan O'Mailey. "Radical Teaching and the Food Justice Movement." Radical Teacher 98 (Winter 2014: 1-3.

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