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dorothyallison pictureWAC is housed in University College and works with the Composition Program in English and the University Writing Program to support writing at Appalachian.  Georgia Rhoades directs the program and Sherry Alusow Hart is the Director of Assessment.  Sheryl Mohn is the WAC program associate.  WAC consultants offer support to the program by advising faculty in teaching writing.  They also frequently present at conferences and are involved in various areas of WAC scholarship.  Please see below for a listing of their scholarship.

Each year WAC works with WID consultants, who are a group of faculty in the disciplines who advice the program. WAC pays these faculty a stipend.

The WAC Committee advises the program and recommends course proposals to the General Education Council.

Recent WAC Scholarship

At the Student for Success in Writing Conference in Savannah on February 8, 2013, Appalachian's WAC Program presented a workshop on Strategies for Handling the Paper Load.  Resources we offered included these strategies:

Composition and Rhetoric scholar, Nedra Reynolds, mentions us in her September 14, 2011 blog post for Bedford/St. Martins!  Please click here to see the blog.

Vertical Writing Model

Vertical Writing Model

WAC Video: A Guide for Student Writing at ASU

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Nancy Sommers Video: Beyond the Red Ink

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For information about the Writing Across the Curriculum Program please contact Director Georgia Rhoades at (828) 262-2075 or e-mail at rhoadesgd@appstate.edu

Writing Across the Curriculum Program
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